“Yoga is my life. It’s not just something I practice on a sticky mat.”

I believe we are what we do.

Yoga is the act of practicing through our bodies what we will do in our lives.  Because the two worlds are not separate.  The more we can squeeze the juice from our yoga practice, the more effective we become at drinking from the reservoir of our hearts.  If we can do this, yoga and life become interchangeable.

As we grow more adept at aligning to the brilliant architecture of our bodies, so do we also align with greater integrity to our beliefs, in our relationships and to the highest expression within ourselves.

As we become more capable of to listening to our bodies, we become skilled at navigating the currents of our hearts and honoring our deepest desires.

I believe in a practice that offers us all of these things and more.  I believe in laughter bubbling up over the edges of our yoga practice and spilling out into the furthest reaches of our communities.  I believe in our capacity to transform our dreams from what we hope for to what we live in real life.

I believe the best yoga is found off the mat.  In the woods, at a rock concert, in line at Whole Foods, on the metro, at the beach, on top of a mountain or in your kitchen.

Go into the wilds of your heart, the landscapes of your body, the slipstreams of your mind.

To the Sticky Mat and Beyond!